The true meaning of our name Syocto and logo.

Finding a business name that can represent everything you stand fore and still be unique and something that work worldwide, that's more than a challenge and if you also want to have a domain ending with .com and its free - then you have hit the mother of all sweet spots. We couldn't stand to have a name either as a company or our products and logo, that doesn't represent something important. If we can invent the coolest product ever like N2.

Then we will also invent the coolest name for our business that works in the future (and it ending with .com)

After all, this is the beginning of the lace - where it ends - nobody knows.

We are all humans, and so do we. Its some humour in this text, some irony and a lot of truths - Syoctos true heart is try to live smart. Know your battles and so on.

There have been a internal debate if we really should show this rabbit hole in public - And our founder is confident that we need to start with honesty and let others have there perspective and perception.

Its the effort that you can measure. Because the company name was almost harder than building a unique aircraft.

We haven't even start the rockets and you are still reading, yes you are a nerd! We give you a hug - don't be a shame - we rule the world!

The beginning of the lace! :)

We do not have any specific religion or political view - this is it. R~R

Its so many dimensions and for anyone to even grasp what we come from and what our mission is as a company today and into the future, you need a lot of perspective.

From the very beginning our point of view is H2H - Human 2 Human. And that means respect, honesty, caring, empathy just to name a few. But its much more than that.

Our products/services will be used world wide and make a big impact. And they all have one common goal. You in centre or those who is close to you - in harmony with the world.

You need little more time than a couple of yocto seconds for this text.

Sy in "Syocto" here is our points of Sy

Synchronise: In the field of technology or computing, "Sy" could be short for "synchronise," which refers to the process of coordinating or aligning data or devices to ensure they are updated or operating in unison.

System: "Sy" could be an abbreviation for "system" in certain technical or engineering contexts. For example, it could refer to a computer system, a mechanical system, or any other organised and interconnected set of components or elements.

Symphony: "Sy" could be a shorthand or abbreviated form of "symphony," which is a musical composition for a full orchestra typically consisting of multiple movements.

Our points of Octo or eight

Numerical significance: In many cultures, the number eight is considered lucky or auspicious. For example, in Chinese culture, the number eight is associated with prosperity and wealth, and it is often used in business and personal matters. In some belief systems, eight is also associated with balance, harmony, and infinity due to its symmetrical shape.

Mathematics: In mathematics, the number eight is an even composite number and is the cube of the number 2. It is also the only cube (besides 1) that is one less than a perfect square (9). Additionally, eight is a Fibonacci number and is often used in mathematical patterns and sequences.

Religion and spirituality: In certain religious and spiritual traditions, the number eight holds significance. For example, in Buddhism, the Eightfold Path is a fundamental teaching that outlines the path to enlightenment. In Christianity, eight is associated with resurrection and regeneration, as Jesus is believed to have risen from the dead on the eighth day. In Hinduism, the octagonal shape is used in yantras, which are geometric diagrams representing the universe or aspects of deities.

Practical significance: In practical applications, the number eight is used in various ways. For example, it is commonly used to represent the number of bits in a byte, a fundamental unit of digital information storage. It is also used in the names of octagons, which are eight-sided polygons, and octaves in music, which represent a doubling or halving of frequency.

In summary, the importance of the number eight, or "octo," varies depending on the context and cultural beliefs. It can hold significance in areas such as numerology, mathematics, religion, spirituality, and practical applications. However, its importance is subjective and can vary across different cultures, belief systems, and individuals.

Now we will boil it down more. Now you really go down in the rabbit hole.

Its three side of the coin - in almost everything

Protons neutrons electrons, Those 3 is what almost everything is built from in universe.

We associate Syocto as protons - Our name is associated with time and protons - It take 3 Yocto seconds for light to pass a proton - Fusion occurs when protons of hydrogen atoms violently collide in the sun's core and fuse to create a helium atom. This process, known as a PP (proton-proton) chain reaction, emits an enormous amount of energy. In its core, the sun fuses about 620 million metric tons of hydrogen every second. (Hydrogen could be our next big energy source)

This is not a lecture, only r~r facts. 

3 Meaning of the S

We will break it down even more what our name and logo stands for.

S in Syocto = Solve (Real Problems)

S in Syocto = Speed & Secounds (Time matters)

S in Syocto = Superposition in quantfysic (2 states in the same time) 

3 Meaning of Y

Y in Syocto = You

Y in Syocto = "Y axis" vertical axis on a graph (Vertical aircraft)

Y in Syocto = Yoctosecounds Time

3 more meaning of Octo

Octo = 8 is a Fibonacci number. It's the sixth number in the Fibonacci sequence and is the only number, besides number 1, that is a perfect cube (Our association about rubric cube)

Octo = 8 appears naturally all over the world and carries the vibrations of universal life

Octo = In Pythagorean numerology the number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming.

Our Logo

Represent you in Maslows pyramid, Now we call it Syoctos Hourglass flow.

The world is way more complicated today than exactly 80 years ago, when Maslow publicated it 1943

Where Your basic needs also could be in top of that reversed pyramid. so instead of five steps we have teen.

And probably you are most happy in the middle, then you have found balance in your life.

But it always depends where you live, status, and other challenges in life.

Now we will get to the 3 sides. Left to right or vice versa - Linear - This is 99,9 of your life

Our Logo as it is today  Syocto Will bring you - Vertical Togheter its equlibirum Togheter it will Balance and form inner peace and its a Octogon and is the Infinity symbol

That is the 3 Meaning of our logo.

If you are not a total nerd, you should stop reading now. We will put in some...

Curveball... Even Einstein was talking about bending time.

Now you probably at least have follow our perspective of who we are. (With some humour)

So we will put in a curveball now, and if you are still with us. Great!. So 3 and 8 is important.

Octocentenary A period of 800 years.

If we go back:

3 Octocentenary, then its 400BC

The 3 most amazing thinkers lived that time. Why? We still debate them today!

Socrates - Plato - Aristotle

2 Octocentenary ago

4th century: Mariner's compass in Tamil Southern India: the first mention of the use of a compass for navigational purposes is found in Tamil nautical texts as the macchayantra. However, the theoretical notion of magnets pointing North predates the device by several centuries.

1 Octocentenary ago.

The first usage of a compass recorded in Western Europe and the Islamic world occurred around 1190.
Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, also known as Fibonacci, who introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics year 1202

This Centenary

Have been amazing so far with invention - eco side - well that could be way better. 

GPS navigation (modern compass) And Syocto are certain that N2 is the missing link and now it is time to go vertical in a viable way - now when navigation is in our orbit.

But it is also time that we found our inner compass.

This is the future the next Octocentenary - did we get it right - Only time will tell.

This is even more curveball - this is what we exploring in the future.

If we associated Syocto as protons in a world that we know of - then in quantum physics there is octonions .

And now you should stop reading!

Octonions are a type of mathematical object that are sometimes used in certain advanced theories in the field of quantum physics, as well as in other areas of mathematics and physics. Octonions are a type of non-commutative, non-associative division algebra, which is a mathematical structure that extends the properties of real numbers, complex numbers, and quaternions to higher dimensions.

In quantum physics, octonions have been used in some attempts to describe the symmetries and interactions of particles beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, which is the currently accepted theory that describes the fundamental particles and their interactions. Octonions have also been proposed as a possible mathematical framework for describing the behaviour of certain types of particles, such as neutrinos and dark matter, although these proposals are still being explored and are not widely accepted.

Octonions have unique mathematical properties that make them different from real numbers, complex numbers, and quaternions. They are not commutative, which means that the order of multiplication matters, and they are also not associative, which means that the grouping of multiplication matters. Octonions are also not a complete field, meaning that not all operations, such as division, are defined for all octonion values.

The octonions can be thought of as octets (or 8-tuples) of real numbers. Every octonion is a real linear combination of the unit octonions:

Ok, you can start reading again!

We hope that our name can be associated to the universal truth one day. That's why every thing must line up - add up IR-RL

Now lets here your opinion, should we skip this whole page, because it's to much to read or nerd - or almost folie hat (If you still reading we warned you). Or did you maybe some how learn something and in the end really understand the importance of a business name if its going global and will last the next 100 years or more.

Skip everything and take this A synchronised system that play a harmony and its a symphony that is also playing in harmony, and the tune is about luck and auspicious with prosperity and wealth,  enlightenment, victory and overcoming, balance,  and infinity - after all 8 appears naturally all over the world and carries the vibrations of universal life. (Sounds pretty good)

Probably the debate will continue - But in the mean time - Right now we have the coolest name and represent the future! Even our main product N2 was a challenge until we "invented" the coolest name for that to.

Syoctos name - A rabbit hole.

Dont read it if your perspective cant handle it!